Ted de Corsia

Where and when was Ted de Corsia born?
  • Ted de Corsia was born on Sep 29, 1905 and was born in the beautiful and humble town of Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

What was Ted de Corsia last movie or tv show?
  • The last movie or series in which Ted de Corsia was The Outside Man , With release date 1972-12-21

What was Ted de Corsia first movie or tv show?
How many films or series has Ted de Corsia participated in?
  • Ted de Corsia participate in 58 movies/tv-shows


  • Poster of Showdown at Abilene
  • Poster of Dance With Me, Henry
  • Poster of Captain Pirate
  • Poster of Crazy Over Horses


  • Type

  • Year

  • Title

  • Role

  • Movie

  • 1960-10-06

  • Spartacus

  • Legionnaire (uncredited)

  • Movie

  • 1956-04-01

  • Mohawk

  • Indian Chief Kowanen

  • Movie

  • 1948-03-04

  • The Naked City

  • Willie Garzah aka Willie the Harmonica