Kate Capshaw

Where and when was Kate Capshaw born?
  • Kate Capshaw was born on Nov 3, 1953 and was born in the beautiful and humble town of Fort Worth, Texas, USA

What was Kate Capshaw last movie or tv show?
  • The last movie or series in which Kate Capshaw was Everything Is Copy , With release date 2015-09-29

What was Kate Capshaw first movie or tv show?
  • The first project of Kate Capshaw was release on 1956-04-02 and the title was The Edge of Night

How many films or series has Kate Capshaw participated in?
  • Kate Capshaw participate in 29 movies/tv-shows


  • Poster of Black Tie Affair
  • Poster of Private Affairs
  • Poster of Her Secret Life
  • Poster of Missing Children: A Mother's Story


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  • 2002-04-11

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  • 1986-01-31

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