D. L. Hughley

Where and when was D. L. Hughley born?
  • D. L. Hughley was born on Mar 6, 1963 and was born in the beautiful and humble town of Los Angeles, California, USA

What was D. L. Hughley last movie or tv show?
  • The last movie or series in which D. L. Hughley was The Worm Has Turned , With release date 2018-09-05

What was D. L. Hughley first movie or tv show?
  • The first project of D. L. Hughley was release on and the title was Hollywood Outlaw

How many films or series has D. L. Hughley participated in?
  • D. L. Hughley participate in 49 movies/tv-shows


  • Poster of D. L. Hughley Breaks the News
  • Poster of S.O.B.: Socially Offensive Behavior
  • Poster of The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Poster of Scrubs


  • Type

  • Year

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  • Tv Show

  • 2001-10-02

  • Scrubs

  • Unknown