Lisa Ling

Where and when was Lisa Ling born?
  • Lisa Ling was born on Aug 30, 1973 and was born in the beautiful and humble town of Sacramento, California, U.S.

What was Lisa Ling last movie or tv show?
What was Lisa Ling first movie or tv show?
How many films or series has Lisa Ling participated in?
  • Lisa Ling participate in 20 movies/tv-shows


  • Poster of This Is Life with Lisa Ling
  • Poster of Our America with Lisa Ling
  • Poster of Who Cares About Girls?
  • Poster of World's Most Dangerous Gang


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  • Year

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  • Tv Show

  • 2000-10-08

  • Ed

  • Unknown

  • Tv Show

  • 2000-10-11

  • Bette

  • Unknown