Ted & Ralph (1998)

You can watch Ted & Ralph on Jomovies.com... One-off comedy drama featuring characters from award-winning BBC sketch series 'The Fast Show'. Ralph Mayhew (Charlie Higson) lives alone in a faded stately home. His only friend is Ted (Paul Whitehouse), the elderly Irish estate-worker. But their way of life is under threat: Ralph must marry before his 35th birthday or lose everything. Just when it all seems hopeless, along comes Wendy (Kathy Burke). But as Ralph's affection for Wendy grows, his dependence on Ted wanes. Is this the end of a beautiful friendship? Is Wendy all that she seems? Will Ralph go through with the marriage? And will he save the Hall?. The so awaited release of Ted & Ralph was on 1998-12-26 and it has a total duration of 66 minutes. You can watch full movies using services like Netflix, hulu, HBO, torrent etc.

  • Christine Gernon

  • Charlie Higson

Source language: English
Country: GB
Release: 1998-12-26
Running Time: 66 min
themoviedb icon 7/10

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  • Who directed Ted & Ralph? Ted & Ralph was directed by Christine Gernon
  • Who wrote the Ted & Ralph script? The script of Ted & Ralph was written by Charlie Higson
  • Who started in Ted & Ralph? Ted & Ralph was starred by Miranda Richardson , Colin McFarlane and Richard Griffiths
  • What day did Ted & Ralph premiere?Ted & Ralph was release on 1998-12-26
  • What country produced Ted & Ralph?The production of Ted & Ralph was in GB
  • How long is Ted & Ralph?Ted & Ralph has a total playtime of 66 minutes.
  • Which language was used to roll Ted & Ralph?Ted & Ralph was filmed in English