Five Fingers (1959)

You can watch Five Fingers on Five Fingers is an NBC adventure/drama series set in Europe during the Cold War loosely based on the 1952 film 5 Fingers, starring James Mason and Danielle Darrieux. It ran from October 3, 1959, to January 9, 1960. David Hedison starred as 32-year-old Victor Sebastian, an American counterintelligence officer with the code name "Five Fingers". Luciana Paluzzi played Simone Genet, Sebastian's secretary and romantic interest. Paul Burke played Robertson, Sebastian's contact man. Five Fingers itself was based on the book Operation Cicero by L.C. Moyzisch and on the memoirs of Elyesa Bazna. Bazna was something of an antihero in real life; the television series transformed the character from a World War II-era mercenary Albanian into a Cold War era heroic American. Sebastian posed as a Communist to gain information on party activities. His public cover was that of a theatrical booking agent for clubs and cafes throughout Europe.. The so awaited release of Five Fingers was on 1959-10-04 and it has a total duration of 60 minutes. You can watch full movies using services like Netflix, hulu, HBO, torrent etc.

Source language: En
Country: US
Release: 1959-10-04
Running Time: 60 min


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  • Who started in Five Fingers? Five Fingers was starred by Ron Howard , Jack Warden and Alan Napier
  • What day did Five Fingers premiere?Five Fingers was release on 1959-10-04
  • What country produced Five Fingers?The production of Five Fingers was in US
  • How long is Five Fingers?Five Fingers has a total playtime of 60 minutes.
  • Which language was used to roll Five Fingers?Five Fingers was filmed in En