Dracula (2013)

You can watch Dracula on Jomovies.com... It's the late 19th century, and the mysterious Dracula has arrived in London, posing as an American entrepreneur who wants to bring modern science to Victorian society. He's especially interested in the new technology of electricity, which promises to brighten the night - useful for someone who avoids the sun. But he has another reason for his travels: he hopes to take revenge on those who cursed him with immortality centuries earlier. Everything seems to be going according to plan... until he becomes infatuated with a woman who appears to be a reincarnation of his dead wife.. The so awaited release of Dracula was on 2013-10-25 and it has a total duration of 60 minutes. You can watch full movies using services like Netflix, hulu, HBO, torrent etc.

  • Daniel Knauf and
  • Cole Haddon

Source language: En
Country: GB, US
Release: 2013-10-25
Running Time: 60 min
metacritic icon 7.7/10
themoviedb icon 6.3/10


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  • Who wrote the Dracula script? The script of Dracula was written by Daniel Knauf and Cole Haddon
  • Who started in Dracula? Dracula was starred by Thomas Kretschmann , Alec Newman and Andrew-Lee Potts
  • What day did Dracula premiere?Dracula was release on 2013-10-25
  • What country produced Dracula?The production of Dracula was in GB, US
  • How long is Dracula?Dracula has a total playtime of 60 minutes.
  • Which language was used to roll Dracula?Dracula was filmed in En