Kerching! (2003)

You can watch Kerching! on Kerching! was a children's comedy drama on CBBC. It follows the lives of teenagers Taj, Danny and Seymour. The programme revolves around Taj's website, Rudeboy, and his money-making schemes. The fictional Rudeboy website sells ringtones, computer games, concert tickets, designer clothes and other merchandise and is central to the plot of the programme. The title of the show comes from Taj, Danny and Seymor's catchphrase "Kerching!", used when they make money through their business schemes. Taj aims to make one million pounds for his hard-working mother, which he finally does in the last episode of the show.. The so awaited release of Kerching! was on 2003-01-06 and it has a total duration of 24 minutes. You can watch full movies using services like Netflix, hulu, HBO, torrent etc.

Source language: En
Country: GB
Release: 2003-01-06
Running Time: 24 min
themoviedb icon 8/10


  • Details
  • Actors
  • Who started in Kerching!? Kerching! was starred by Hannah Tointon , Velile Tshabalala and Devon Anderson
  • What day did Kerching! premiere?Kerching! was release on 2003-01-06
  • What country produced Kerching!?The production of Kerching! was in GB
  • How long is Kerching!?Kerching! has a total playtime of 24 minutes.
  • Which language was used to roll Kerching!?Kerching! was filmed in En